St Brendans College Killarney


Our 1st year book rental scheme provides all the main texts for 1st year and many of the core books for Junior Cycle.  We also supply the codes for the eBooks (which are loaded on the students’ digital devices).

We now offer a Book Rental Scheme to incoming 5th year parents for all subjects except English

The rental scheme costs €190 (spread over 5th & 6th year) for Senior Cycle and €110 for 1st year.

The scheme will supply only the main textbook for each subject and will not supply workbooks or exam papers.

For both schemes, we will circulate detailed information regarding the book scheme well in advance of the beginning of the new school year.

For more details please contact the school office


Book Lists 2023/2024

Please refer to the lists below in relation to books required for each year

St. Brendan’s Homework Diary – All students must have one.

N.B. These lists are not complete.  Individual teachers may order further books to suit class needs.  It is unwise for Post-Junior Cert students to buy books until they have chosen their subjects formally in September. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO INCREASE. Click on appropriate year to download your list.