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St. Brendan’s College is committed to ensuring that all individuals enjoy equal access to our programs. 
This document sets out the procedure for responding to and supporting students with behaviours of concern. St. Brendan’s College is committed to ensuring behaviours of concern are managed in a positive and supportive way that protects both the safety of all staff, volunteers and other people and the rights of the individual demonstrating the behaviours of concern. It provides support strategies in conjunction with appropriate management to prevent or significantly reduce the risk of behaviours of concern. 



Identifying Behaviours of Concern 

A behaviour of concern refers to any behaviour that causes physical harm to the person or another person, or destroying property resulting in the risk of harm to the person or any other person. Behaviours of concern can include: 

•  aggression toward others – physical and/or verbal 

•  self-injurious behaviour 

•  inappropriate social and sexual behaviour – shouting, name calling, verbal abuse 

•  self-stimulating behaviour such as excessive rocking 

•  extreme withdrawal 

•  noncompliance and refusal to follow instruction 

•  Inappropriate physical contact 

This procedure addresses the management of behaviours of concern through consultation and by providing positive support as part of an overall behaviour management plan. To provide support to people who may have behaviours of concern, St. Brendan’s College staff and volunteers will: 

•  Respond to behaviours of concern in a positive, encouraging way 

•  Discuss how to manage the behaviours of concern with the student, parents/guardians as appropriate 

•  Help develop a behaviour support plan within their Individual Support File that is proactive 


Understanding the factors that may affect Behaviour 

All human beings behave according to a variety of factors that include but are not limited to: 

•  personal life experiences 

•  attitudes and expectations of the individual and others 

•  physical and social environments 

•  physical, mental and oral health 

•  Special Educational Needs 

•  Neurodiversity 


Proactive Support Strategies 

Where behaviours of concern are identified, modifications to the environment and program will be made where practicable to reduce or prevent the behaviour occurring. Where available, the Individual’s Student Support File will be referred to. 

If appropriate, a staff member will talk to the individual about their behaviour, and problem solve any strategies which could help them reduce the need to use behaviour of concern in order to have their needs met. 

Any modifications or changes will be included into the Student Support File and all staff will be made aware. 

When behaviours of concern arise 

If a Participant displays behaviours of concern, St. Brendan’s College staff and volunteers may need to balance the care of the individual with their duty to protect other people and also themselves. Any actions taken or strategies used should be in direct accordance with the student’s profile information and as per MAPA Training. Where behaviours of concern arise staff should, taking care not to put themselves at risk: 

•  Try to redirect the individual 

•  Remove the individual who is displaying the behaviour of concern away from other people, or if this is unsuccessful move other people away to a safe distance 

•  Talk to the individual who is displaying a behaviour of concern in a calm manner using short assertive communication in an attempt to diffuse the situation 

•  Refer to the individual’s Student Support File. 

If the individual continues with the behaviour of concern and the staff member is unable to support the individual in reducing this behaviour and it is considered an emergency situation, the staff should contact the Principal or Deputy Principals and the main office. Parents/guardians will be contacted immediately 

The staff member should stay with the individual if possible until they are settled, or if not possible, in the area to be able to observe the individual and ensure safety. 


Reporting Requirements of an Incident 

Staff and Volunteers involved in the situation are to complete an Incident Report at the time of the incident. 

Staff and Volunteers will be debriefed after an incident and the Individual’s Student’s Support File evaluated. 

Staff and Volunteers will need to discuss their own personal reactions to the incident that occurred, as well as the effectiveness of the procedures that were in place. It is important to learn from each incident. 

Time is also needed to discuss the strategies that need to be implemented and maintained to prevent further issues.  

Board of Management Approval 

The Board of Management of St. Brendan’s College, approved the Behaviour of Concern Policy on Date: – _____________________ 

Signed: – ________________________________ 


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