Transition Year (1 year)

Transition Year was introduced into St. Brendan’s for the 2010-11 academic year. With a class of 24 students the programme team of Mr. Gary McGrath, Mr. Declan O’Donoghue and Ms. Bridget Lucey this optional year had an immediate and very positive influence on life in St. Brendan’s. This holistic approach to educational experience was further developed in 2011/12 culminating in the need to create a second class for 2012/13. In 2013 the number of applicants exceeded the number of places in the two classes. This growth is due in no small part to the wonderful diversity of life enhancing opportunities woven into the matrix of our Transition Year.

At an academic level our students avail of the opportunity to experience tasters of each subject available to them as Fifth years, thereby allowing them the chance to make a more informed set of subject choices.

Secondly the students participate in 16 days of work shadowing-spread across 16 school weeks. This model of work experience allows our students explore up to four different possible career options. Students are encouraged to be creative and educationally adventurous.

Thirdly students avail of a myriad of talks, tours, trips and co-curricular engagements which are designed to develop the spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and personal aspects of each student.

Fourthly Transition Year offers students the opportunity to engage in a number of extracurricular activities including the Tidy towns efforts of the community in Killarney, fund raising, working with Kerry Stars Special Olympics, coaching  with the GAA, FAI and Munster Rugby, Occupational First aid ECDL.

At its’ core, TY is a one year programme enabling students to make the transition from Junior to Senior cycle. It encourages personal and social development and allows students take responsibility for their learning. It offers students the space to explore and develop how and who they want to become. It offers a time of reflective self-growth to our students, giving them multiple activities, opportunities and experiences which, if engaged with, will serve to develop every element of the young person. It also hands the locus of control to the young person in a controlled environment, allowing each student greater personal responsibility for his learning.

ESRI research shows that Transition year students  retain their subjects at Higher level, or move up from ordinary to higher level, gain a better leaving certificate  by 45 CAO points and develop greater initiative and co-operative skills.

Application for Transition Year follows the Student/Parent information evening in January of Third Year. Students complete an Application Form. For more detail please click here to access the Transition Year Policy

Events (Samples)

  • Work experience
  • GAA foundation coaching course
  • Musical Production
  • Tourism awareness programme
  • ECDL – European Computer Driving Licence
  • Car Safety and driving simulation
  • First Aid
  • “Log on Learn”-bringing IT skills to the community
  • Glasice Bronze Award
  • Local, National, International trips
  • Turkey rearing at Muckross Traditional Farms
  • Young Social Innovators /Young Entrepreneurs