St Brendans College Killarney

A dedicated parents’ council meets regularly throughout the year.  This gives parents a voice and a partnership in the eduction of their sons.  The parents council works towards development of night classes for parents, aiding in policy development and fundraising for the provision of school facilities.

The Parents Association (PA) is the primary structure through which parents of students in St Brendan’s College can work together with the school management and staff, for the best possible holistic education outcomes for our young people.

Our role is to support the school, students and parents and we do this by undertaking a wide ranged programme of activies which will promote the involvement and participation of parents and this is turn supports students, staff and the school community.  We aim to continue to build a real and effective partnership between home and school.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in the first six /eight weeks of term and all parents are invited to attend and join the Association.  Parents have an opportunity to meet with other parents and share ideas, plan, review policy etc.  Previous Guest Speakers at our AGM have included John Lonergan and Dr Tony Humphries.

The Parents Association (PA) meet about six times a year and the Principal or Vice Principal attends every meeting. The PA may from time to time identify and organise training opportunities or awareness raising events for parents.  The Parents Association Officers are contactable through the school initially and will table items for agenda and discussion.  The current Parents Association has sixty four ‘signed up’ members and we meet every six to eight weeks.

In addition we have also organised workshops for students and parents.  Previous workshop facilitators have included Dr Maureen Griffin ‘Internet Safety’, Brian O’Connell, Journalist, RTE Reporter and Author ‘Alcohol in Ireland Today’ and SafeTalk (HSE).  We have arranged Social Network Training and Parenting Skills Training for parents and have assisted with the school’s book rental scheme.

We have also fund raised for the school by organising a School Desk Sale (which was publicised by Michael Fassbender), A Cookery Demonstration with Chef Mark Doe and have helped with the Thousandaire Fundraiser, The Golf Classic and the St Brendan’s College Christmas Cycle.

The support of parents is essential to the well-being of students in post primary school as highlighted in the Government Publication: Wellbeing in Post Primary Schools.  Partnerships with parents and the wider school community promote positive mental health and well-being and are an essential part of the holistic culture of St Brendan’s.  In addition to supporting their own child,parents/guardians are encouraged to become involved in the life of the school through the  parents association, self-evaluation activities, policy development work, and extra-curricular activities.