St Brendans College Killarney

The art course is comprised of Art Appreciation and History of Art, incorporating topics such as history, imaginative composition, still life, design, life sketching, 2 dimensional work, craft (pottery, screen and lino printing) and ceramic sculpture.

Art, craft and design education develops a number of important personal qualities, particularly those of initiative, perseverance, sensibility and self-reliance. It also develops a visual awareness and an appreciation of art, architecture and the environment. It is a broad-ranging course, giving students an appreciation of the aesthetic values of life.

Art is a highly versatile subject, which prepares pupils for a wide range of careers such as marketing and design in the industrial, commercial and advertising areas; media work in T.V. and video design production; fashion design and industry; craft businesses; product design.


All the practical coursework 50% and Practical examination 20% is completed by May; the remaining 30% (History of Art) is completed in June. 30% Exam June =30%     Practical Day Exam (May) 20%    Practical coursework 50%

Note: An art portfolio is required for entry to all third level art and design courses.