St Brendans College Killarney

The Home Economics syllabus prepares students for a consumer-oriented society and provides a learning foundation for a wide range of careers in food, textiles, science, design, social studies and tourism. The subject is an applied subject combining theory with practice.

Content The syllabus is based on a core of three areas of study that is studied by all students and one elective area, from a choice of three.


  • Food studies
  • Resource management and consumer studies
  • Social studies

Electives The elective allows students the opportunity to undertake a more detailed study of one area of the core.

There are three electives, from which one may be chosen:

  • Home design and management
  • Textiles, fashion and design
  • Social studies

Assessment Leaving Certificate Home Economics-Scientific and Social is assessed, at Ordinary and Higher level, as follows:

  • A terminal examination paper
  • An assessment of the practical components of the programme, that is the food studies from the core area and the textiles, fashion and design elective (where applicable).

Examination paper 80% Core: 60% Electives: 20% Assessment of practical coursework