St Brendans College Killarney

Level 1 Learning Programme (L1LP)

The NCCA has also introduce Level 1 Learning Programmes, which are broadly aligned with Level 1 of the NFQ. These programmes would address the learning needs of the very small number of students in the low moderate, and severe and profound range of general learning disabilities.

There are six Priority Learning Units (PLUs) at the heart of every L1LP. These PLUs explicitly identify and develop the key areas of learning needed to prepare the students for their future lives. Though presented as self-contained units when used as part of a learning programme these PLUs interconnect and overlap. The order in which the PLUs are presented is to assist teachers who are planning for L1LP and L2LP students.

Each PLU is described in general terms, followed by  a summary list of the main elements of each PLU set out in a table.
Each PLU is divided into elements and these elements have a number of associated learning outcomes which specify the knowledge, skills and attitudes students can demonstrate they have learned (see p. 23 for learning outcomes related to a PLU). The learning outcomes are presented in a sequence, reflecting cognitive demand, though not all students will progress in

PLU 1: Communication, language and literacy

PLU 2: Numeracy

PLU 3: Personal care and wellbeing

PLU 4: Being part of a community

PLU 5: The arts

PLU 6: Physical education

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