St Brendans College Killarney

Computer Science is the study of computers and algorithmic processes.

Leaving Certificate Computer Science includes how programming and computational thinking can be applied to the solution of problems, and how computing technology impacts the world arounds us.

There are 3 strands:

Strand 1: Practices and principles: The overarching practices and principles of computer science are the behaviours and ways of thinking that computer scientists use. This strand underpins the specification and is fundamental to all learning activities. By becoming familiar with, and fluent in, the practices and principles that underpin good practice, students develop their ability to manage themselves and their learning across the subject.

Strand 2: Core Concepts: Students engage with the core concepts theoretically and practically in this strand, e.g., abstraction, data, computer systems, algorithms, and evaluating/testing.

Strand 3: Computer Science in Practice:

Students work in teams to carry out four applied learning tasks over the duration of the course. The four applied learning tasks explore the following contexts: Interactive information systems, Analytics, Modelling and simulation and embedded systems.

Assessment: The course is 30% project work (creating a piece of software) and 70% written exam.