St Brendans College Killarney

Design and Communication Graphics (DCG) is the graphic language of Technology. When Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers, for example, want to communicate their ideas or designs, they use Graphics. It has its own set of rules and regulations that govern how it is to be used, which are common throughout the world.

DCG is an educational experience in the broadest sense as it provides students with a body of knowledge and develops their intellect and creative abilities in topics that are appropriate and meaningful in a technological world.

Assessment: 60% Examination Plane & Solid Geometry Engineering Applications Building Applications 40% Project on Computer Design AutoCAD

Subject Content: Orthographic Projection, Solids in Contact, Developments/Envelopments – Label Design, Auxiliary Projection, Loci – Spirals, Interpenetration, Engineering Structures, Fabrication e.g., Roof Trusses etc., Mechanisms i.e., Cams, Gears etc., AutoCAD – Computer Drawing. OR Surveying & Mining i.e., Road Building, Site Layout etc., Building Structures i.e., Arch’s, Building Geometry, Roof Development, Presentation Drawings i.e., Perspective.