St Brendans College Killarney

It is the study of where places are, what they are like, what life is like in them, and how and why they are changing.  It can help you to: read and use maps, atlases and diagrams; gain knowledge of the world and understand current events; appreciate different cultures in this country and abroad; become aware of the physical and human environments.  In addition, knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in Geography can help you to understand topics in other subjects.

Geography provides an effective method for asking questions about:  places, the natural environment and the capacity of the earth to support human life.  It involves a pattern of enquiry that begins with two essential questions:  why are such things located in those particular places and how do those particular places affect our lives?

Content of Course

The geography course consists of a range of core (Physical, Regional, Geographical Investigation), Elective (Economic, Social) and Optional (Global Interdependence, Geo-ecology, Culture and Identity, The Atmosphere-Ocean Environment) units.

The Geographical Investigation (Fieldwork) is mandatory and is worth 20% (H) or 25% (O). The report on the Geographical Investigation will be submitted in advance of the terminal exam.

Therefore, the terminal exam is worth 80% (H) or 75% (O).