St Brendans College Killarney

Cairde Bhréanainn

 Friends of St. Brendan’s College

“Past pupils are to be found in all walks of life, all countries and cities of the world. What comes across in speaking to our past pupils is there deep rooted affection with the college and friendships made during their time here.  I would encourage all past pupils, parents and well wishers to become members of Cairde Bhréanainn. I welcome all past pupils to join the union to rekindle those friendships

Sean Coffey, Principal


With a 154 year legacy, past pupils of St Brendan’s have played central roles in the developing nation-state; in the Catholic Church, Education, Politics, Industry, Business, Public Service, the Arts, Sciences, Entrepreneurship, and Sport.  Our past pupils have shown great leadership in Killarney, in Kerry, nationally and internationally.

In seeking to fulfil a Mission Statement which extols the development of holistically educated young people the College  has offered a rich curricular and extracurricular experience for all who have passed through its’ doors. Across the generations various efforts have been made to shape some form of past pupils union. Photographs of the 1959 Union adorn the walls of the Brosnan Building. Photographs of the 1969 Hogan Cup Team reunion and images of the Clann Bhréannainn initiative in the 1990’s reveal the beneficial work of a group of St. Brendan’s  past students for their Alma mater. In recent years the concept of 50 year class reunions has taken fresh impetus. Both the 1962 and 1963 classes have gathered in the College in August to remember times past, reignite old friendships and honour members of the class who are no longer with us.

In 2013 the leaving Certificate class were each presented with a past Pupils Union commemorative tie (generously sponsored by Lynes of High Street).  This tie symbolises our pride in our past pupils and our desire to maintain a strong link between St. Brendan’s and its’ past pupils.

At the present time there are approximately 4,500 past pupils world-wide. In reaching out to this diaspora-whether in High Street or Silicon Valley as a past pupil, we want to rebuild your relationship with the school. The reason behind this initiative is to assist in the further development of the school, for example – parent fundraising has re-built the Brosnan Building Senior Bathrooms. While Department of Education & Skills funding has evaporated we wish to use our initiative to refurbish the corridors, classrooms and labs of our historic school.  Our plan is to invest in a phased redevelopment of the College as we redevelop our school facilities. Under the guidance of a new, energetic Board of Management, with a committed, engaged staff, and most importantly with a growing student population, the College has a bright future as a centre of excellence for all who learn and teach here.

In 2014/2015 academic year the College will officially launch the Cairde Bhréanainn – Friends of St. Brendan’s College

Using the technology now available to transcend distance and time- this website, will serve as the access point for past pupils to re-link with their fellow pupils. Please email if you are interested in joining this network. For a contribution of €100.00 (payable through our Paypal portal on this site) This contribution will allow us to do the following:

  • use the funds generated to assist in the regeneration of our buildings and facilities
  • through our database organise networking events in locations in Dublin, Cork & Kerry annually
  • create an annual academic scholarship to support one past pupil per year to advance their studies at third level
  • supply to you two annual on-line magazines keeping you in touch with the happenings in our vibrant school