St Brendans College Killarney

Irish is compulsory for all students unless they have had an exemption from Irish at Junior Level.

To study Irish at higher level it is recommended that students should have studied, sat and passed Higher Junior Certificate Irish.

Aim: that students…

  • Understand the spoken language
  • Understand the written language
  • Communicate in the spoken language
  • Communicate in the written language
  • Have an awareness of Irish culture and civilisation


Course Content:

– 5 poems common to Higher & Ordinary Level

– 4 Prose Pieces

– 8 poems for Higher Level only

– 1 Short film

– Short notes on the history of the Irish Language

– 1 Autobiography & Irish Literature

– Essay & Comprehension Work

– Aural (listening) and Oral (speaking) Work.

The oral is worth 40% (H & O) and the aural is worth 10% (H), 10% (O).