St Brendans College Killarney

St Brendan’s has a vibrant and ever-growing Music Department and boasts a proud tradition of performances at a very high standard on international stages. Year on year requests pour in asking the Choir and Trad musicians from the Sem to provide entertainment at various hospitality events in Killarney, and beyond which we try our best to honour, as far as is logistically possible.

Within our school there are many events throughout the year which are enhanced by the wide and varied repertoire which both the choir and Trad group now have. The Opening Year Mass in September, November Remembrance Mass, Christmas Carol Service, 12 Days of Christmas, and several visits to Community Based Charities keep our young musicians interested and 100% committed throughout the first few months of the school year.

After Christmas there are also many events to keep the department busy. The Annual Liam O’Connor Chapel Concert provides great focus for all our musicians and is a stage on which our students continue to excel year on year. Trad students from all year groups perform together on that night and it never ceases to amaze how, as each 6th year group move on, they are seamlessly replaced by incoming 1st years who after 6 years under the expert guidance of Liam O’Connor reach standards of performance matching those that went before them. The Chapel Concert is always a very special night and proudly lists Brian Kennedy, Christy Dignam and Danny O’Reilly among its guest performers along with many high-profile guest speakers such as Mick Gallwey, Kieran Donaghy and Joe Schmidt.

Of course, in the middle of all the extra-curricular activities there are also exams to be completed! Each year during Term 2, our 3rd and 6th year students perform to the highest level in their practical exams and along with their classroom learning continue to produce results in the State Exams which are far above the national average.

Our Graduation Mass in May is always a special and emotional night for the students who, after six years, perform for the very last time in that very sacred space that is our school chapel. Together with the RE department, the Music Department works very hard to make this a memorable farewell for our students who have enhanced so many school occasions during their time with us. Our boys never fail to deliver.

Each year we look forward to welcoming new students to our department and we are constantly in awe of the talent which presents itself September after September, without fail.