St Brendans College Killarney

Our Student Wellbeing

  • Wellbeing is intrinsic in the community of St. Brendan’s.
  • Wellbeing is multi-faceted and efforts to promote student wellbeing are whole school, an all-encompassing approach.
  • All four aspects of wellbeing are considered 1. Culture 2. Curriculum 3. Relationships 4. Policy and Planning in supporting student wellbeing.


Our Wellbeing supports include: 

  1. Class Tutor time teacher
  2. Student Support Teams (Year-head, Deputy Principal and S.E.N Co-ordinator)
  3. Pastoral Care Team.


Wellbeing in school starts with the staff. They are in the front line of the work and it is hard for them to be genuinely motivated to promote emotional and social wellbeing of others if they feel uncared for and burnt out themselves.

So creating opportunities for teachers and other staff to consider their own sense of wellbeing is vital in our school community.

Student wellbeing is at the core of our mission as a school community.  Wellbeing – and its provision – takes on many forms in the life of our school. 

It is expressed in the programmes, the extra and cocurricular activities, and the timetabled lessons in SPHE, CSPE and PE but at its core wellbeing is best advanced in the development of positive, healthy relationships and classroom activities and outcomes which allow all to flourish at our school.